James "Kipper" Paterson

Hmmm....cemtex here, here and here....add a few azaeleas and bob's yer uncle! :-)



Age 27
Strength (STR) 17
Constitution (CON) 10
Power (POW) 8
Dexterity (DEX) 14
Charisma (CHA) 7
Intelligence (INT) 16
Size (SIZ) 14
Education (EDU) 19


Brentwood School, Essex. A-levels in Physics, Sociology and Ancient History
Cambridge University on a RAF Bursary. 2-1 in Politics, Military History and Electronic Engineering.


After graduation, trained at RAF College Cranwell as a Flight Lieutenant, then posted to the Defence Intelligence and Security Centre(DISC) Chicksands, in Shefford, Bedfordshire where I trained in HUMINT operations, specialising in clandestine operations.

Resigned commission following 3 months as a hostage in Afgan and took up landscape design and gardening.

Contracted by City & Country Group to design and build the new landscaped grounds at the Clements Way Site, Brentwood.

James "Kipper" Paterson

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