Character creation process

Step One: Identity – Chose a name and a Gender.

Step Two: Charicteristics
(use the dice roller above if you don’t have any dice)
*Roll 3D6 for Strength (STR), Constitution (CON), Power (POW), Dexterity (DEX) and Charisma (CHA).
*Roll 2D6+6 for Intelligence (INT) and Size (SIZ).
*Roll 3D6+3 for Education (EDU).

Step Three: Age
Starting age is 17+2D6 (must be at least EDU+5).

For Older Characters: Every full 10 years adds +1 EDU
(and 20 professional Skill Points in Step Seven). Every 10
years above 40 (starting at 50), subtract one point from
either STR, CON, DEX or CHA. At age 80, 90, 100 etc, you
must subtract one point from three of these characteristics.

Younger Characters: For every year below 19 years old,
subtract 20 professional Skill Points and one point from one
characteristic of your choice.

Step Four: is … you can swap two scores from the top five stats (Str, Con, Pow, Dex, Cha) around. So you could swap Str and Con, or Str and dex. Only those two, as a balance between hard dice rolling for character creation and point allocation (which comes later).

Step Five: personality type … select one of the following broad personality types to describe your character.

1. Bruiser: +20 Skill Points to: Brawl, Climb, Combat (any two), Dodge, Grapple, Insight, Jump, Ride, Sense, Stealth, Swim and Throw.

2. Master: +20 Skill Points to: Appraise, Combat (any), Craft, Disguise, Dodge, Fine Manipulation, First Aid, Knowledge(any), Navigate, Pilot, Ride, Sleight of Hand and Stealth.

3. Thinker: +20 Skill Points to: Appraise, Bargain, Combat (any), Disguise, Insight, Knowledge (any two), Listen, Research, Sense, Spot, Stealth and any one Technical skill.

4. Leader: +20 Skill Points to: Appraise, Bargain, Combat (any), Command, Etiquette, Fast Talk, Insight, Knowledge (any), Language (any), Language (Own), Perform, Persuade and Sense.

5. Slacker: +20 Skill Points to: Bargain, Bureaucracy, Disguise, Dodge, Fast Talk, Gaming, Hide, Insight, Language (any), Persuade, Sense, Sleight of Hand and Spot.

6. Nutter: +20 Skill Points to: Command, Fast Talk, Hide, Insight, any two Knowledge skills, Research, Science (any two), Sense, Spot, Stealth and Strategy. Reduce starting SAN by 20 points and assign an appropriate mental disorder. The Game Master may prohibit this particular option, so ask before you choose this.

Again, no rush, you can take as long as you want over this. I’ll keep pace with you rather than trying to rush you.

Character creation process

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