Cults and Minions

Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh
The leadership of the Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh is primarily of Egyptian descent, though in modern times it has become more inclusive of other nationalities. The cult has connections to the Church of Starry Wisdom, the Cult of the Bloody Tongue, and the Brotherhood of the Beast. It includes a subgroup known as the Children of the Sphinx that specializes in embalming mummies with the heads of animals.

The Black Brotherhood
On the surface the Black Brotherhood appears to be a group of international terrorists made up of ethnicities from all walks of life. They conduct covert operations, such as attempted political assassinations but have drawn attention for their use of sorcery and the interest in certain Occult locations and artefacts. Few of its members are taken alive for interrogation, however, as most die shortly after carrying out their operations.

The Church of Starry Wisdom

The Cult of the Bloody Tongue

The Brotherhood of the Beast

Cults and Minions

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