Gold Javelin

Gold Javelin (denizens of K’n-yan

K’n-yan is a blue-lit cavern beneath Oklahoma. Its inhabitants are actually extraterrestrials who arrived in prehistoric times. They are immortal and have powerful psionic abilities, including telepathy and the ability to dematerialize at will. They are also technologically advanced, using machines that employ principles of atomic energy, though they have largely abandoned their mechanized culture finding it unfulfilling. When the denizens of K’n-yan rejected their mechanistic lifestyle, they turned to a sort of socialistic aristocracy, controlled by a ruling class made “highly superior through selective breeding and social evolution”. Individual behaviour is dictated more by established social norms than the rule of law. Although K’n-yan attained great advances in art and science, its people have become increasingly hedonistic, decadent, and cruel.

In ancient times, the people of K’n-yan traded with the humans of the surface world. But when geological calamities caused the continents of Atlantis (24,000 BC) and Lemuria to sink into the ocean, the people of K’n-yan sequestered themselves below ground, thereafter having no further dealings with the outer world for 25,000 years. The civilization was rediscovered by the 16th century Spanish Conquistador Zamacona.

Colonies of the Voormis (Terracotta Monarch) culture retreated from Hyperborea and made their home in K’n-yan.

Gold Javelin

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