Moray Gun

Basilisk stun gun by orcbruto

A “taser”, shooting an iron claw at a 50m target, delivering a 220v DC shock that will paralyse the targets muscles and may eventually lead to a heart attack.

Each magazine holds three “claws” and at full charge, can deliver 12 hours of continuous electric current. It can be easily recharged in any wall socket, or via a USB connection.

Easy to carry and will fit most pockets or small handbags. Can also be used in close contact by pulling the trigger while the muzzle is pressed against the target. In this case, a claw is not dispensed and electrical charge is transferred through the exposed barrel.

-Size: 20cm long.
-Maximum range: 50m
-Ammo: Basilisk three claws pack
-Weight: 1kg (Loaded)
-Non-lethal, all made in plastic composite.

Moray Gun

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